Do You Offer A Military Discount?

We proudly offer a discount on precious metals purchases to the men and women who currently serve or have served the United States of America in the Armed Forces.

To take advantage of the military discount, please follow these steps:

    1. You must have an account with Provident Metals. If you do not, you may create one here.
    2. Gather your proof of service as follows:
      • For active-duty personnel:
        • A copy of your driver’s license; plus one of the following:
          • Statement of Service OR
          • Leave and Earning Statement
      • For discharged personnel:
        • A copy of your driver’s license with Veteran’s designation, plus;
          • Discharge form (DD 214) & block out the social security number
          • Veterans Affairs ID card – front and back
    3. Send us your information
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