Grading Guide

MS – Mint State

  • This term indicates coins that are in superior condition. It is most commonly used by the grading companies for the grade range of 60-70.

BU – Brilliant Uncirculated

  • This term is used for coins that have never been released into circulation and have minimal wear. These types of coins are alternatively referred to as “Mint State” or “Uncirculated.”

AU – Almost Uncirculated

  • Coins with this designation have only slight wear and circulation with 95% of the original design present.

XF – Extra Fine

  • This refers to coins with light wear visible and 90% of the design intact. Any scratches and flaws present will only be visible on the coin’s highest points.

VF – Very Fine

  • This applies to coins on which 25% of the original design is smoothed.


  • Coins in this condition have major signs of wear and as much as half the design smoothed.

VG – Very Good

  • Coins with this grade have significant signs of wear throughout the coin.

G – Good

  • This applies to coins where 90% of the original design is smoothed. These coins are heavily worn.


  • Cull coins are in very bad condition and are not considered collectible.
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